Clinic Management Software

You can concentrate on your patients rather than your paperwork with Clinisoft.
the highest-caliber clinic management system available in Nepal to increase productivity

Transform your paper-related nightmare into an efficient machine. The healthcare sector's easiest-to-use clinic management system.

Effective online scheduling and practice management tools

Make individual appointments, group reservations, special offers, or recurring appointments. Add separate calendars for each doctor and control their access with flexible user permissions.

Cut down on no-shows

Patient no-shows are expensive for the management of your clinic. With automatic messages sent via WhatsApp and SMS appointment reminders, you can maintain a healthy cash flow while making sure your patients remember their appointments.

waitlisted patients automatically fill open spaces

Don't pass up the opportunity to profit from cancellations. See which patients are awaiting appointments and which doctor they prefer.

24/7 Scheduling of Medical Appointments

With the help of an online medical appointment booking system, you can allow your customers to schedule an appointment at a time that suits them. Place the reservation form on your website. Send your consumers an SMS to confirm their reservations.

Discover all treatment programs

We are aware that every doctor has a unique workflow. For this reason, our team has produced thousands of templates for medical offices and clinics all around the world. Our clinic software offers pre-defined templates that you may choose from, or you can receive a free customized version.

Create an E-Prescription with Just One Click

Manage recently taken and frequently used medications. Make a list of your preferred medications, complete with ready-made prescriptions using brand names or generics and the option to display pharmaceuticals that are sold in pharmacies. prescriptions sent to patients by SMS and print.

Simple addition or migration of patient information

Send us your client list in excel format, and we'll add the patient to your database in a matter of seconds or import data from an existing database at no additional cost.

View the entire patient history

Maintain your patient's healthcare records safely in one location. For better patient outcomes, add clinical comments and attach any sort of document, including imaging findings, pictures, x-rays, consent forms, and referrals.

Utilize a practice management system to track payments.

Patients can pay in a variety of ways, or payment kinds. Depending on the modes the patient enters, the payment may also be entered in part. If the patient is willing to pay a portion in cash and the balance over time.

Quickly produce financial reports

View your income by physician, kind of appointment, or time frame. Analyze inactive clients and contrast missed appointments with those that were attended. To further alter your data, use the clinic software's export to Excel feature.

Tracker for expenses using AI

As a potential tax deduction for your business, it's crucial to keep track of your spending throughout the year. You can add, track, and report expenses while on the road with Clinisoft clinic management software, helping you to stay organized.

Monitoring clinic performance with software

Realizing what your clinic's revenue-generating strategy is. Which of your services or days is the busiest? Enhance your practice and direct your business decisions with the aid of practice management software.

Just monitor performance

It is an all-inclusive piece of software that gives doctors the ability to keep an eye on how their clinics are doing. Our AI-based clinic management software aims to improve productivity and optimize your operation.

A Powerful Reporting Tool

The power of your data is harnessed by Clinisoft's brand-new Report Generator to show the performance of your clinic. Get pie charts, bar graphs, and scatter plots—and have them sent to you by email every day, every week, or every month.

Smart & Practical Tool

Through its cutting-edge doctor app technology, it enables doctors to gather, store, and analyze clinical data, improving the care they can give to their patients.

Artificial Intelligence Facilitates Decision-Making

We'll need to know about your current work flow, what functions effectively for you, and any areas where we might be able to streamline things to make things move more smoothly.

Connect with the patient via SMS and WhatsApp

Whether it's a tailored message, an automated appointment reminder, a promotion, or a message for invoicing and payments, Clinisoft may send an SMS immediately. Within 3 minutes, 96% of SMS messages are opened.

WhatsApp reminders for appointments

Set up automated WhatsApp reminders for appointments. Put your own words in the message and add your name as the sender.

Use email marketing to promote

Sending out advertisements, newsletters, customer satisfaction surveys, or exclusive offers is all possible right from the Clinisoft platform. Even better, you can make and store a template for use later.

Adapt to platforms for internet marketing

You may easily connect Clinisoft to Facebook or Instagram using our user-friendly clinic administration system. From there, you can promote the Clinic.

software with 256-bit encryption for patient management software

This implies that your data is safeguarded throughout its entire journey, including the time it is processed and kept as well as the time it is sent across other locations.

Compliant with HIPAA

Your data is being maintained in accordance with the highest standards of information security, and your patients' information is safe and secure in our clinic management software (HIPAA Compliance).

Patient data storage with AWS

All files are automatically backed up by the AWS cloud storage system throughout the day at predetermined intervals. The data of a practitioner will be protected on the cloud even if their PC breaks down or is stolen.

Using two factors to authenticate

Your password and a one-time temporary code that is texted to your phone will be required when you log in. Every time you log in, the code is different.

Utilize clinic software to manage your entire healthcare practice.

systems for managing patient data provide both large and small suppliers with a variety of benefits. similar to easing overworked staff, practice management, prompt patient care, emr & ehr management, organization, day-to-day operations, etc.


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